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Get your authentication code and verify your phone number.

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Invite your friends to chat with. With growing Serkit network, your friend may already be on Serkit

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Live Chat Messages

Online, Typing and Last Seen Status.

Photo & Video

Share photos and videos.

Music & Audio

Share music and send audio messages.

File Sharing

Share all types of files.

Location Sharing

Quickly share your location with your friends.

Chat Lock

Protect your chat from unintentional viewing.

Recall and Edit™

Recall and Edit any sent message.

Like any message

Engage with any message quickly by single click like.


Messages to multiple chats simultaneously.

Large Group Size

Group size of up to 300 friends


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“With the existing messengers, anybody who used my phone could read and see my chat messages. Recently I found Serkit and now I use it for chatting. It's very useful as I can lock and hide my messages and recall the messages that I send accidentally to wrong friend/contact.”

- Shapoker

“Its an amazing app but I wanted to share videos which could be saved by the other person but the videos I sent wouldn't get saved by them 😐”

- Easha Habib

“Awesome appp I m loving it.....”

- Rupali Awasthi


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Unlocked Chats

Locked Chats

Message Conversation

Photo, Video, File

Recall,Edit and Multi-forward


Contact List


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